junior barista awards under the pppm

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Barista Guild Asia™ offers a specialized program for Malaysian candidates between the ages of 13-17 who are part of the Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia (PPPM). This is a vocational-guide program which certifies young people with a competency in basic barista skills, which will enable the youth an opportunity for employment at cafes, restaurants, hotels and related events.  

Upon the completion and passing of the examinations in each Jr. Barista course, the student is awarded a badge of merit, along with the Junior Barista Award badge for graduating candidates who have successfully complete all three courses. A young barista vocational certificate will also be awarded by Barista Guild Asia.

This course is part of the official program of the PPPM.

Jr Barista Championship.jpg

Junior Barista Championship 2017

One of our Junior Baristas competing at last years championship in October.


The Tamper

Module #1 of the Junior Barista Awards is this course whereby participants will learn the origins of coffee, hand in hand with extraction theories and handling an espresso machine. This course is pre-requisite to the Latte Artist and the Brewer.


The Latte Artist

Participants will learn about milk frothing in this module and understand the concepts of milk science, and be able to identify quality milk foam and the techniques to producing it. Basic latte art patterns are also covered.


The Brewer

Different methods of brewing and coffee extraction are covered in this module, where participants learn and understand how to brew specialty coffee.