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Academic Director & Co-founder | Authorised SCA Trainer

Daniel began his coffee journey in 2011 and is currently one of the globally certified Authorised Specialty Coffee Association Trainer (AST) and Certifier. He also holds professional world certifications from Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Barista Guild of America, as well as the title of a Licensed Q-Arabica Grader since 2015.

As the founder of Barista Guild Asia, he leads a team of 4 other certified ASTs. Since the inception of BGA, the team has organized three Malaysia Barista Championships, Malaysia Brewers Cup, Malaysian Aeropress Championships, chartered the Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association and successfully obtained international sanction for Malaysia to participate in the World Championships. 

Daniel has been featured on BFM, Capital FM, Bernama TV, Star Newspaper, Nourish Magazine, Flavours Magazine, TravelWireAsia and other news media on his contributions in the Malaysia’s coffee industry. In his other professional capacity, he is also a seasoned Speaking Professional, Trainer and HR Consultant and Managing Director of Direct Results Asia Pacific Consultancy Sdn Bhd.


Director & Co-founder | Authorised SCA Trainer

David began his illustrious coffee career in Starbucks where he found his passion for coffee and the joy of connecting with people. Having competed professionally as a Barista early in his career, David placed 2nd runner up at the First Battle of Barista in Malaysia and has continued to compete, organize, and judge over his journey as a coffee professional. 

Having completed SCA's Barista Skills module up to the Professional Level and becoming an Authorised SCA Trainer (AST),  David has gone on to judge in countries all over Southeast Asia, from the Cambodia Barista Championship in 2016, to the Vietnam Barista Championship and China Latte Art Championship in 2017, and of course at Malaysia's most elite Barista Championships and throwdowns since 2013. He has been a Visual Judge, Sensory Judge, Technical Judge and Head Judge for countless national competitions. 

“Connecting with People through coffee.”

“Connecting with People through coffee.”

"To teach is to learn twice."  - (Joseph Joubert)

"To teach is to learn twice." - (Joseph Joubert)


General Manager | Operations | Lead Trainer

The curiosity in search of good quality coffee led Afiq to enroll in the SCA Barista Skills Level I in 2013 at Barista Guild Asia. Having had a strong background in science as well as working experience in the corporate industry, he joined the BGA team in 2015 with his belief, “To teach is to learn twice (Joseph Joubert)”. Afiq worked as a barista, gained experience behind the coffee bar, polished his operational skills and began teaching.

The experience has offered him a wide perspective from the point of view of acustomer to the person behind the bar. Afiq was a sensory judge for Malaysia Brewers Cup 2016 and visual judge for Malaysia Latte Art Championship 2016. He has been featured on Wanita Hari Ini, Malaysia Hari Ini and Berita Harian, to share his knowledge of coffee.

“Coffee is like life. You have to constantly challenge yourself to find the sweet spot.”

“Coffee is like life. You have to constantly challenge yourself to find the sweet spot.”


Senior Trainer

Ever since he started his career in the coffee industry in 2013, David has earned the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) certification for Foundation and Intermediate level, and during his journey in the coffee industry, David trained Professional Barista Training and Junior Barista Coffee Training for teenagers. He tenured at Pickle and Fig for three years as a supervisor and a barista, and currently is the Senior Trainer of Barista Guild Asia.

David has gained the SCA Barista Skills (Level Professional) judging experience and has previously been a technical judge in many coffee events, namely the Malaysia Latte Art Championship 2017, Malaysia Open Barista Championship 2017 and Malaysia Open Latte Art Championship 2017.

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Handy choo hAN THENG

Associate Trainer

An interest in mixology sparked the beginning of Handy's passion for coffee, with his position as a coffee bartender in a little cafe in Kedah. Since 2009, his interested only grew and expanded to a curiosity as to how coffee foam could float on top of the liquid and create intricate latte art. Before arriving at BGA, Handy worked as a Barista in Penang and Kedah exploring his passions and perfecting his skills. 

Handy has competed in the Battle of Barista Latte Art Throwdown in 2014 and 2015, and the Malaysian Latte Art Championship in 2015 and 2016, and most recently placed 4th at 2017's PIFF Latte Art Championship as well as in the Top 6 of the Monin Creativity Cup. He has judged at the Malaysia's Brewer's Cup as a Sensory Judge, and since completed his SCA Professional Barista Skills module and is pursuing a license as an Q-Arabica Grader. 


Associate Trainer

Another passionate mixologist-in-the-making, Yuhwen pursued her interests in the beverage industry by increasing her knowledge and skills as a barista, after deciding she wasn't too keen on working the night-life shifts. 


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