Never stop learning


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Being hearing impaired doesn’t quench their thirst for learning.

Barista Guild Asia enjoys seeing people from different walks of life gathering together to learn a thing or two about coffee and when Deaf Boleh! Malaysia joined us for our Barista Training course, we were more than happy!

Deaf Boleh! Malaysia founded by Selina Wing, is a community of Deaf Malaysians that aims to be the voice of their community. They aim to inspire other deaf Malaysians by sharing the success stories of deaf role models and Barista Guild Asia was honoured to be able to provide vocational training for them.

The 3-day Barista Training course with Deaf Boleh! Malaysia was filled with fun and laughter. While Deaf Boleh! Malaysia was able to learn about coffee and how to be a barista, we were able to learn sign language from them too.

All of us were able to learn something from one another and this is why we love sharing knowledge with one another.