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Are you just a coffee lover or truly a coffee connoisseur? Do you know what it takes to make a great cup of coffee and what it takes to brew a perfect cup? Here’s your opportunity to turn your love for coffee into passion and learn how to speak like a true coffee aficionado.

This Coffee Appreciation Workshop is for those who are truly passionate about great coffee and want to understand how to brew some really awesome coffee. We will take you through how coffee is cultivated, harvested and processed. We also help you to identify different roasting profiles as well as best practices in buying, storing and grinding coffee. You will also learn the fine art of brewing and how to evaluate a great cup of coffee and other brewing methods that will bring out the most flavor and aroma.


  • Basic overview about coffee

  • Coffee belt and history

  • Coffee tree: Cultivation to harvest

  • Processing: From Farm to Processing Instant Coffee

  • Roasting Profiles

  • Arabica / Robusta

  • Visual & Taste comparison between Arabica & Robusta Flavour Profiles

  • Fresh beans against Stale beans

  • Best practices in storing, grinding and brewing

  • Health & Caffeine: To drink or not to drink?

  • Taking your coffee experience further: Learning how to evaluate quality


12PM - 4PM
Union Roastery, Citta Mall

12PM - 4PM
Union Roastery, Citta Mall