Already in the coffee industry? We still have a program for you.

Barista Guild Asia is committed to ensuring that our alumni continue to succeed upon completing a program with us. Whether it's preparing yourself to start being involved in competitions and throwdowns, or starting up your own cafe in Malaysia, we are more than happy to provide you with the services, guidance and assistance for you to excel.  These programs are not exclusive to our graduates but open to all coffee enthusiasts from all backgrounds. 



With the influx of cafés in Malaysia over the last few years, it has been difficult for many outlets to compete against rising standards in management, operational skills, trendy aesthetics and better coffee. The rental may be getting too costly, you may have a low turnover of customers, or even been receiving complaints about your staff and hospitality. Perhaps you just started out and aren't sure how to begin.

How do you set up a system in your cafe that is sustainable and delivers the message that you are trying to send with your ideas? How do you train your staff to uphold an everyday standard of excellence and customer service?

This service is offered by Barista Guild Asia to help you face your challenges, learn from them and overcome them with a method that is educational and directly applicable to your cafe and your equipment. We don't have any conditions - just let us partner with you in developing the next big wave where your cafe wants to be.

  Picture credits to Code:Black Espresso

Picture credits to Code:Black Espresso

Coffee machine maintenance

Right, so most of us may already know that one would have to clean your portafilters, backflush the groupheads, purge your steam wand in water until it clears and clear out your dump tanks; and of course, use Caffeza or another cleaning agent on a weekly basis. But most of us also get stuck when it comes to understanding issues with the boiler in the machine, both the mechanical functions and electrical functions of the complex engines that are our commercial coffee machines.

Learn about your machines in detail with this service and find out solutions to curb the issues that could so easily be avoided, by just putting in a little extra time and effort to understand how they really work and function, and why your maintenance means so much.