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In-season for the 3/4.


These Quarter Courses are seasonal classes conducted by Barista Guild Asia, to equip coffee enthusiasts and caffeine lovers with a different set of skills unique to Malaysia's changing coffee culture. Quarter Courses are designed for those interested in exploring new areas in the coffee community.

These courses do not take place on a frequent basis, but are spontaneously birthed from an experiment or idea from one of our qualified professionals. Quarter Courses are named as such to reflect the times of the year which the classes are launched, whether in the first, second, third or final quarter of the year. 


Introduction to Mixology

Since Martin Hudak graced us with his presence and knowledge in March 2018, we've been eager to bring you a taste of what we've learnt from him. Covering the very essentials of flavor profiling, understanding what makes your drink pop, and experimenting with liquids are topics you are sure to keep on thinking about.

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