Frequently Asked Questions

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Money Matters


Barista Guild Asia provides a range of services for our consumers including, but not limited to our coffee classes and workshops, mobile coffee services and café consultation services.

For classes, depending on the level of difficulty, duration and credibility of the class, courses can range from RM60.00 for an hour-long Introduction to V60 class, to RM2800.00 for an SCA certified 3-day program for Foundation & Intermediate Barista Skills.

The Extract charges its customers based on the quantity of beverages ordered, the location of the event venue as well as the customization of menu for catering, and the inclusion of one of our workshops.


How long are your programs, and do i get a diploma/degree after completing a coursE?

The time frame of our courses can range from one hour at an Introductory consumer class (eg. Introduction to V60), to five days at our BGA Professional Barista Training Level II program. Each consumer class awards its own unique certificate to our students, which do not add up to an official diploma with exception of the SCA certified programs, which are internationally recognized. Our academy focuses on equipping our students with the skills and knowledge necessary for them to step out into the industry as a professional, or even just to enhance their taste buds and senses at determining what makes a good cup of coffee. 


do you conduct professional barista training classes on weekdays?

Our Professional Barista Training classes typically take place on the weekends from Friday to Saturday, however, we do provide an option for students to join a private class on a weekday, according to their availability and schedule. These private classes 


Work Opportunities

do you help students with job placements after taking a course?

If you are a graduate from our BGA Professional Barista Training program and you are looking for a job position with a cafe, we will put up a recommendation for hire amongst our alumni page. Many of our alumni have gone on to start up their own cafes and often have vacancies for baristas. They will be the ones contacting you directly for work opportunities at their cafes. Check out some of our alumni at our testimonials page