Frequently Asked Questions

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I intend to open a cafe, is this course sufficient?

It’s not sufficient, but it is absolutely recommended as a strong foundation builder and there are also other classes to supplement this such as Maintenance.

Would 3 days be sufficient for such a comprehensive syllabus?

This syllabus really should be considered a strong foundation builder to the rest of your coffee education, so while it's sufficient to begin with, you will have to (much like every other student that have come through our doors) continue to supplement your coffee education by both consistent practice and your own research. There are also classes that can help you further your knowledge and understanding.

As for 3 days being sufficient to cover the syllabus, we separate the theory & practical training from the exam day in order to give students time to practice and study. Our training centre has 5 espresso machines and 5 grinders for students to come and practice.

What is the difference between a BGA exam and SCAE exam?

It will be compulsory for students to sit for the BGA exam after they have attended the class to receive a certificate from us. The SCAE exam is optional to students who want to obtain an internationally known certificate.


What classes are available?

We have a wide variety of classes which you can find on our website. You can also, download our brochure at the bottom of this page if you’d like to have more information. For more updates on our schedules, please check out our Facebook.

Are weekday classes available?

Most of our classes are on weekends, however, weekday classes can be arranged subject to the trainers’ availability.

Please contact us as this will require further discussion.


How do I register?

Please register through the Typeform link after you’ve selected your preferred date for your course on Facebook.

How should I pay?

We accept payment via Cheque, Direct Bank In and Online Transfers.


Maybank account number: 5124 9113 5563


What is the best course for me to join?

Please message us directly through Facebook and we can have a short discussion in order to recommend a course.

Do you help students with job placements after taking a course?

If you are a graduate from our BGA Professional Barista Training program and you are looking for a job position with a cafe, we will put up a recommendation for hire amongst our alumni page. Many of our alumni have gone on to start up their own cafes and often have vacancies for baristas. They will be the ones contacting you directly for work opportunities at their cafes. Check out some of our alumni at our testimonials page!